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With the plethora of sources and information on SAT Exam preparation available online,
extracting credible insights is a herculean task. But here at Kitab, you can sign up for
a promising journey to ace SAT and bid goodbye to your worries.

Kitab was founded with the goal of providing affordable, accessible, and effective SAT preparation online to students across the United States. Besides offering SAT online classes, we also help you with elucidating the latest trends, updated information and leveraging reliable resources.

Our online SAT prep classes provide tailored SAT test prep for each individual student, based on their unique needs and strengths. If you are planning to do SAT preparation online, here is all you need to know!

SAT Test Prep

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    What is the SAT?

    Let’s begin with the basics first. SAT is short for the “Scholastic Assessment Test” and is a mandated test for most college admissions. Colleges and universities use this test to determine your readiness for college. For most college admissions, your SAT score is a primary criterion in the US and Canada.

    This is a paper pencil test and very well formatted to check your understanding of Mathematics and the English language. These scores are of great value if you aspire to enroll in top universities like Yale, Harvard, or Stanford.

    With the relentless competition, clearing the SAT with flying colors and picking the right university isn’t that easy. SAT online coaching provides the right direction and support to students so that they can confidently take the SAT exam. The experts who offer such coaching have years of experience in helping students crack the exam.

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    Who can apply for the SAT?

    As easy as it sounds, there are no set criteria for the SAT. Conducted by The College Board, the test is open to everyone who has passed high school and is applying for undergraduate studies.

    There is also no age limit to the test but students in the range of 16-19 years are often seen preparing for the exam.

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    How often can you appear for the SAT?

    The exam is conducted many times a year and students can appear for the exam as many times as they want.

    Many students prefer taking one test at the end of their junior year to understand the exam pattern better. This helps them identify their strengths and weaknesses and improvise SAT test prep accordingly.

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    How to apply for the SAT?

    The exam is conducted many times a year and students can appear for the exam as many times as they want.

    Many students prefer taking one test at the end of their junior year to understand the exam pattern better. This helps them identify their strengths and weaknesses and improvise SAT test prep accordingly.

    SAT Exam syllabus

    The SAT exam is conducted 5 to 7 times a year at different intervals in different areas.

    This is a three-hour-long test that consists of two main sections – English and Mathematics.

    Here are different sections and details:

    The English section is divided into three parts:

    • Reading – This consists of 52 questions and needs to be completed in 65 minutes.
    • Writing and language – This section consists of 44 questions and needs to be
      completed in 35 minutes.
    • Essay section – This section is optional and a total of 50 minutes are allotted to complete it.


    The Mathematics section is further divided into two unique parts:

    • Without calculator – This section has 20 questions, to be completed in 25 minutes.
    • With a calculator – This section has 38 questions that must be completed in 55 minutes.

    What's a SAT Score?

    Now that you understand the syllabus, it should help you prepare better. The total score of this exam is 1600 points, segregated equally into both subjects.

    The first section is dedicated to Mathematics and is allotted 800 points. The second section is allotted the remaining 800 points for the reading and writing section. All the sections, except the essay, are multiple choice questions with four answer choices.

    What's a Good SAT Score?

    While there is no set definition of a good score, it is ideal to score at least 1000 points.
    Generally, to get into a good college, 1200-1400 points are considered to be a good score.

    SAT Test Preparation Tips

    While getting the facts right is very important, the most important part of best SAT preparation is finding the right learning strategies. At Kitab, you can rest assured of seeking guidance from the experts and leveraging the best and most updated exam material.

    Here, you can master the strategies that will help you better your time management skills and approach to the exam. You will learn the tricks to go about the various sections in the test and eliminate wrong answers quickly.

    Also, you might like to skim through some of the key tips that are shared below.

    • It is often suggested to skip the questions you don’t know the answers but skipping too many of them may also make you feel less confident. Since there is no negative marking for the SAT exam, it is suggested to guess what you think is the correct one and go with it.
    • Rigorous practice and better time management are the keys to acing your exam.
      Work through wrong answers and practice as many sample tests as you can to get a better score.
    • Read a lot. Yes! Since the exam consists of long reading passages, it takes time to read, understand and analyze them. Reading will help you reduce the time you take in this process. You can read magazines and newspapers too.
    • It is also important to not strain yourself before the test. Last-minute studies should be avoided as they only lead to more stress. Instead, get a good sleep the night before, have a healthy meal and get ready for the test.
    • Last but not least, enroll yourself for SAT classes online with experts at Kitab as they can help you with correct strategies, additional tips, and practice papers.
    How can SAT online coaching at Kitab help you?

    If you are trying to ace the exam and don’t want to settle for an average score, opting for SAT classes online is your best bet. An expert coaching institute like Kitab can help you plan the perfect road map to score better and up your chances to get admission to the college of your choice.

    Opting for SAT coaching online at Kitab has some additional benefits:

    • You can save crucial time that is wasted on commuting and learn from the comforts of your home at your own convenient time and location.
    • The portal helps you get access to the best study material, a plethora of sample tests, and class recordings to refer to later.
    • Personal coaching by the institute can help you learn at your convenience as well as allows you to set your own learning pace.
    • The tutors at Kitab are subject matter experts that help you with quick doubt resolution and personal assistance as and when needed.
    • With SAT coaching online you can see where you stand. This self-
      assessment guides you and motivates you further.

    If you are planning to enroll for the best online SAT coaching, Kitab is your trusted companion to help you maximize the chances of achieving your goals. A leading digital global education platform, it helps empower students to ace the test with ease and build a stellar profile to get into the college of their choice.

    Kitab Learning is the best SAT preparation online that helps you focus on all sections in an easy, interactive, and planned manner. They give you access to the latest content, doubt-clearing sessions, and individual tutoring programs too.

    Also, you would be glad to know that the team of experts at Kitab offers end-to-end guidance, whether it is about registration, profile building, or deciding the best schools for you. Good luck!

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