Are you aspiring to fly high and open elite opportunities by entering one of New York City’s Specialized High Schools?

If the answer is yes, Kitab can be the wind beneath your wings to improve your admission odds.

We take pride in sharing that 85% of Kitab’s students have been accepted to Specialized High Schools like Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, and Brooklyn Tech.

Kitab is a leading provider of SHSAT classes in New York City. Our classes are conducted in small groups to provide personalized tutoring and maximize student success.

Regardless of your educational background or current grades, our SHSAT test prep at Kitab is driven to give you the best-in-class tutoring and unwavering support in every possible way to help you score higher on the SHSAT (Specialized High Schools Admissions Test).

The SHSAT is required for following Schools:


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    SHSAT Tutoring at Kitab

    At Kitab, our vision is to tutor every child smartly and effectively to better their chances of acing the SHSAT and make their way to one of the prestigious Specialized High Schools.

    Our team of dedicated and illustrious teachers makes use of specially-curated and comprehensive lessons to educate our SHSAT aspirants. We systematically assess our students’ weaknesses and ensure that they put in the necessary effort ahead of time to master the curriculum.

    We keep our kids away from painstaking drills and rote learning methodologies that are likely to pressurize them. Instead, we take into account the test’s predictability and apply proven strategies to help our kids prepare smarter and not recklessly harder.

    We equip them with clever tactics to promptly deal with challenging questions and conduct mock tests consistently. We also provide regular feedback to our students to ensure that their learning and success metrics are meticulously tracked.

    Our SHSAT tutoring program entails a small classroom size to ensure personalized attention to every student. And, if needed, we provide individual tutoring too.

    So, rest assured, we are equally committed to fulfilling your dream of making it to Specialized High Schools.

    Specialized High Schools in New York City

    Specialized High Schools are the nine selective public schools in New York City for students who excel academically and artistically. The only admission criterion for seeking admission in eight of these nine schools is your SHSAT score.

    The only exception is Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts which solicits an audition or portfolio for admission.

    The list of eight Specialized High Schools that ask for SHSAT scores are:

    Bronx High School of Science

    Neighborhood: Bedford Park

    Famed for: Outstanding STEM curriculum

    Brooklyn Latin School

    Neighborhood: East Williamsburg

    Famed for: Liberal arts curriculum with an emphasis on the classics and Latin language instruction

    Brooklyn Technical High School

    Neighborhood: Fort Greene

    Famed for: STEM-based curriculum with state-of-the-art labs and high-tech classrooms

    Stuyvesant High School

    Neighborhood: Lower Manhattan

    Famed for: Emphasis on science, maths, and technology along with extensive extracurricular programs

    High School of American Studies at Lehman College

    Neighborhood: Van Cortlandt Village

    Famed for: Curriculum focused on United States history along with courses available in subjects like English, mathematics, arts, foreign languages, health, and physical education

    High School for Maths, Science, and Engineering at City College

    Neighborhood: Manhattanville                                                                    

    Famed for: A special emphasis on civic responsibility along with an academic focus on science, mathematics, and engineering

    Queens High School for the Sciences at York College

    Neighborhood: Jamaica                                                                     

    Famed for: Collaboration between York College/CUNY and emphasis on mathematics, science, and technology education

    Staten Island Technical High School

    Neighborhood: New Dorp                                                                    

    Famed for: Emphasis on STEM, the humanities, performing arts, health, and fitness

    SHSAT practice papers

    SHSAT prep is half-baked if you don’t practice enough before appearing for the actual test. SHSAT practice papers are crucial to get a hang of the actual test, understand your weaknesses, and plan/ modify your preps to improve the examination odds.

    At Kitab, we not just provide SHSAT online prep tutoring, but also give access to free practice papers to help you prepare thoroughly for the SHSAT.

    Specialized High Schools Admissions Test

    What is the Eligibility for SHSAT?

    An NYC resident eligible to apply to high school is eligible to apply to the Specialized High Schools.

    The SHSAT or the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test is administered by the New York City Department of Education and can be attempted by current eighth-grade students or first-time ninth-grade students ( students who are not repeating the grade).


    What all Sections does SHSAT consist of?

    • Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) primarily entails Maths and ELA (English Language Arts) sections aligned to the New York State Learning Standards.
    • The ELA section consists of 57 multiple-choice questions (aligned to the New York State Learning Standards) that evaluate revising/editing skills and reading comprehension.
    • The Maths section entails five grid-in questions and 52 multiple-choice questions that are either computational questions or word problems.


    What is the SHSAT composite score?

    The SHSAT composite score is out of 800 points with the Maths and ELA sections weighted equally.

    There are 20 unscored questions mixed in with the 94 scored questions, and there is no penalty for the wrong answer. It is thus prudent to attempt every question in the test.

    You will have 180 minutes (3 hours) to complete the test. You can begin with any section of your choice and it is recommended that you spend 90 minutes approx. on each section (this isn’t a rule and is only a suggestion!). Good luck!


    1. When is the Specialized High School – SHSAT Test Date 2023?

    The Specialized High School – SHSAT Test Date for 2023 is August 4. The present eighth and ninth-grade students who moved to NYC after November 2022 are eligible to take the SHSAT in August 2023 for Fall 2023 admissions.

    2. How will Kitab help me prepare for this SHSAT exam?

    Kitab can help you with the SHSAT prep in the most organized and meticulous manner. Kitab is a team of highly competent tutors and mentors who can help you ace the SHSAT exam through comprehensive study material, clever learning tactics, rigorous mock tests, personalized coaching, and end-to-end guidance.

    3. How to get a high score on the SHSAT?

    In order to get a high score on the SHSAT, you must start preparing for the test well in advance. For this purpose, seek guidance from a reputed coaching institute, make use of comprehensive study material, attempt mock tests, learn smart tactics to solve questions faster, and work on your weaknesses ardently.

    4. Why is Kitab the best in SHSAT test preparation?

    Kitab is the best in SHSAT preparation for various obvious reasons as follows:

    • Kitab is a team of competent tutors and mentors.
    • The tutors use comprehensive study material and smart teaching methodologies.
    •  Kitab conducts rigorous mock tests and regular doubt-solving sessions. 
    • The team provides personalized guidance and detailed feedback.
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