Kitab’s SHSAT Preparation Classes

Looking for assistance in preparing for SHSAT? Kitab has got your back with enthralling preparation classes both online and in-person. A leading SHSAT classes provider in New York City, Kitab promises to improve your admission probability with its personalized tutoring targeted to achieve maximized results. 

Our results speak for themselves with over 85% of students who did SHSAT prep with Kitab are accepted to specialized high schools including Bronx Science, Brooklyn Tech and Stuyvesant. By enrolling for our online SHSAT test prep, you can rest assured about fulfilling your dream to ace the SHSAT exam.

The SHSAT is required for following Schools:

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    SHSAT Syllabus and Guidance by Kitab

    The SHSAT test syllabus comprises two sections, English Language Arts (ELA) and Math with 57 questions in each section to be answered in 180 minutes. Our team of dedicated instructors employs specially curated comprehensive lessons to help students hone their language and Math skills to prepare well for the test. 

    We pay individual attention to all students to assess their weaknesses and devise strategic plans to overcome them ahead of time. Our team equips aspirants with smart tactics to prepare for the exam and extends a series of mock tests accompanied by recurring individual feedback to track progress. Lastly, Kitab offers individual tutoring services when needed to ensure no student is left behind.

    How to prepare for the SHSAT 2024

    The SHSAT 2024 will be held in November for which the registration process will commence on October 3, 2023. It is imperative to prepare strategically for the exam to gain a competitive advantage and pass with flying colors. To begin, aspirants must thoroughly understand the components and format of the test and undertake practice tests. They help assess the weak and strong points of the candidates which can then be worked upon. In addition to this, it is recommended that students read challenging materials to hone their language skills and practice mental maths to enhance speed and accuracy. Besides active strategizing, students must craft a study schedule that allows time for resting and recuperating.

    Kitab is an exemplary SHSAT Test preparation partner who helps candidates strategically prepare for the test and outshine amidst a sea of applicants. Here is a haven for learning to establish the path to success.

    SHSAT practice papers

    SHSAT prep is half-baked if you don’t practice enough before appearing for the actual test. SHSAT practice papers are crucial to get a hang of the actual test, understand your weaknesses, and plan/ modify your preps to improve the examination odds.

    At Kitab, we not just provide SHSAT online prep tutoring, but also give access to free practice papers to help you prepare thoroughly for the SHSAT.


    1. How will Kitab help me prepare for this SHSAT exam?

    Kitab can help you with the SHSAT prep in the most organized and meticulous manner. Kitab is a team of highly competent tutors and mentors who can help you ace the SHSAT exam through comprehensive study material, clever learning tactics, rigorous mock tests, personalized coaching, and end-to-end guidance.

    2. Why is Kitab the best in SHSAT test preparation?

    Kitab is the best in SHSAT preparation for various obvious reasons as follows:

    • Kitab is a team of competent tutors and mentors.
    • The tutors use comprehensive study material and smart teaching methodologies.
    • Kitab conducts rigorous mock tests and regular doubt-solving sessions.
    • The team provides personalized guidance and detailed feedback.
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