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The 9 specialized high schools in New York City including, (1) Bronx High School of Science, (2) Brooklyn Technical High School, (3) High School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering at City College, (4) High School of American Studies at Lehman College, (5) Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, (6) Queens High School for the Sciences at York, (7) Stuyvesant High School and (8) The Brooklyn Latin School are amongst the nation’s best schools. The purpose of the schools is to offer the right platform of education to those who are academically and artistically gifted. The schools offer specialization and great opportunities for higher education and career prospects.

Specialized High Schools Admissions test (SHSAT)

The Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) is an exam administered by the Department of Education in New York. 8 out of 9 specialized high schools in New York City consider SHSAT scores for admissions in them with an exception of Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts which require students to submit a portfolio and audition in a talent area for up to six different studios.

Admission to the SHSAT schools is determined by the SHSAT exam, in which students of 8th and 9th grade who are residents of any of the 5 Burrows of New York City can only apply. SHSAT exam assesses the students’ problem solving skills in mathematics and comprehension skills in English.

To register for the SHSAT exam you have two options: You can contact your middle school counselor at the beginning of your 8th grade session or can also visit the Family welcome center to register for the SHSAT exam.

Every year almost 25,000 students take the SHSAT exam. To have a competitive edge the students need to be thorough and well prepared for the exam. For SHSAT prep students must ensure the completion of their coursework. Specialized high schools student handbook is also a helpful resource. SHSAT tutoring is also very helpful in giving the right guidance and direction for the preparation for the exam

The SHSAT Schools- Admission Numbers in 2021


Bronx High School of Science

Founded – 1938

100% Graduation rate | 100+ Clubs| 1800 students taking 4800+ AP Exams

Located in the neighborhood of Bedford Park the school is known for its exceptional STEM curriculum. School is supported by an actively involved Parents’ Association, Alumni Foundation, and a core of skilled teachers who excel at their craft.

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Brooklyn Technical High School

Founded – 1922

91% faculty with advanced degrees| 150+ Clubs| 60,000+ Alumni network

Located in the neighborhood of Forte Greene the school’s vision is to provide an environment for the research and development of innovative and interdisciplinary approaches in the areas of mathematics, science, engineering, computer science and the liberal arts

High School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering at City College

Founded – 2002

Neighborhood- Manhattanville

HSME schools’ focus is on math, science and engineering while emphasizing civic responsibility. All HSMSE courses are taught at the honors, college, or AP level. It offers college credit for many HSMSE courses, as well as access to a major research library, internships in labs, and use of the college’s athletic facilities.

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High School of American Studies at Lehman College

Founded – 2002

Neighborhood- Van Cortlandt Village

The school specifically emphasizes the study of American history and arranges trips to sites and cities of historic importance. Because of their association with Lehman College, the students of  High School of American Studies  have access to Lehman colleges’ campus library and athletic facilities.

Queens High School for the Sciences at York

Founded – 2002

Ranke #3 in NewYork(2014) | AP participation rate – 100% | Total minority enrolment- 94%

Neighborhood- Jamaica      

Queens High School for the Sciences believes that students are more successful in their careers when nurtured in a small learning community and hence the school accepts around 100 students every year. The school offers a plethora of advanced placement courses including, AP English Literature, AP US History and Government, AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Calculus and AP Chemistry.

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Staten Island Technical High School

Founded – 1988

In 2017- Over 15,000 students applied to the school and 345 students were offered a seat.

Located in the neighborhood of New Dorp, the Staten Island Technical High School’s student body is comprised of 1,330 students. The vision of SITHS is to prioritize rigorous academics balanced with physical and mental wellness.

Stuyvesant High School

Founded- 1904

Clubs & Activities- 200 | 31 AP courses | 112 Electives offered

Located in the neighborhood of Lower Manhattan, the school emphasizes mathematics, science and technology education. The goal of the school is to instill the intellectual, moral and humanistic values necessary for each child to achieve his/her maximum potential as a student and as a caring citizen of the world.

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Brooklyn Latin School

The Brooklyn Latin School

Founded- 2006

Neighborhood – East Williamsburg

Some of the essential and distinct features of the Brooklyn Latin School include: a mandatory study of Latin to put students in touch with the great thinkers of the past and help them recognize the phonetics, the lexical roots, and the syntactic principles, the school follows a strict dress code and emphasize on knowledge of Nomenclature and declamation.

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