Supporting Your Child's SHSAT Preparations: Tips for Parents and Guardians

Supporting Your Child's SHSAT Preparations

The SHSAT or Specialized High Schools Admissions Test is a critical milestone for every child who is aiming for a top-notch education from one of eight specialized high schools in NYC. The entrance exam is highly-competitive and only a few of the test givers are able to realize their dream of studying in one of these prestigious schools.

While preparing for the SHSAT, many factors including the test’s difficulty level, aggressive competition, peer pressure, challenges in a particular subject, etc. might impede a child’s test preparation journey. But, you, as a parent or a guardian, can take some necessary measures to support your child’s SHSAT preparations and give them a leg up to improve their admission odds.

So, here are some key tips for parents and guardians that can help you maneuver your child through the challenges of SHSAT preparations and help them reach their solicited destination.

1. Familiarize yourself with the SHSAT

As a parent or a guardian, before supporting your child in the SHSAT preparation, you need to understand the intricacies of this highly-competitive entrance exam yourself. So, research thoroughly and get to know all the key details of the exam including its syllabus, test pattern, difficulty level, scoring system, etc. 

With your genuine involvement, your child is sure to pursue their prep journey with enhanced confidence and conviction!

2. Help your child in creating a structured study routine

Your child might be capable of devising their study plan and following a study routine. But, you can help them to ensure that their study schedule is practical, and not stressful and pressurizing instead. 

So, help your child to create a balanced study schedule focused on all the essential aspects of the SHSAT preparation along with some time for recreation as well. After all, some leisure time is necessary for children to rewind and gather energy for heightened concentration and better learning.

3. Provide the requisite resources and materials

SHSAT preparation entails appropriate study material, practice papers, mock test papers,  and other resources conforming to the distinct curriculum of the SHSAT. A child needs to acquire well-designed study materials and resources for excellent learning and apt preparation for the SHSAT. 

As a parent or a guardian, you need to provide your child with the best SHSAT preparation resources to ensure their idyllic SHSAT preparation journey. 

If your child is studying at Kitab, you need not worry about this aspect, as we provide our students with comprehensive study material crafted by experts, rigorous practice questions, and mock tests that ascertain their perfected SHSAT preparation journey.

4. Be your child’s guiding light

If you want your child to act in a certain way, you need to become their role model. For instance, if you want your child to get up early, exercise, and start studying, you too may try doing something similar. If a child sees you sleeping in glory in the early morning, they too are likely to feel lazy getting up and studying early in the morning. 

So, the crux is becoming the guiding light that they would want to follow, which in turn will accelerate their SHSAT preparation journey.

5. Support them in every possible way

It is important to support your child throughout the SHSAT journey, whether they stumble or do great. 

If your child falters in mock tests or gets overwhelmed by challenging concepts, be there to motivate them to keep trying harder and continue believing in their dreams. 

At the same time, it is important to keep your child grounded even if they are doing great in their test prep journey. Doing this is important to ensure they do not become overconfident and ace the actual test!

The bottom line

By following these easy tips, you can support your child’s SHSAT preparations in the finest way possible. However, apart from these factors you need to choose a dependable study partner for your child like Kitab that is equally driven to achieve their career goals.

At Kitab, your child can leverage exceptional mentorship, structured course material, rigorous mock tests, and end-to-end guidance, right from preparing for the SHSAT to applying to prospective schools and breezing through the admission process.

So, if you aim to support your child’s SHSAT preparations in the best way, choose Kitab as your child’s learning partner and stave off your worries! 

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