Brooklyn Technical High School: All You Need to Know Before Applying

Brooklyn Technical Hig School - SHSAT Tutoring

Why Brooklyn Technical High School?

Brooklyn Technical High School is the country’s largest specialized high school that offers STEM education and rates as one of the top leading high schools in New York. The school is commonly known as Brooklyn Tech and is renowned for its academically driven students, great course offerings, and many extracurricular activities.

This is also one of the largest schools in the country and specializes in Mathematics, Technology, Science, and Engineering.

Brooklyn Tech also has a wide network of alumni that consists of Fortune 500 CEOs, leading scientists, and very prominent political figures who are regarded as a National Model of Excellence.

The primary focus of Brooklyn Technical High School lies in inspiring and challenging high-potential students so they can reach their maximum potential and contribute to society. Being one of the most prominent schools in New York, here are some key facts that the school boasts of:

  • Brooklyn Technical High School has the 4th largest theatrical auditorium among any venue in New York.
  • The school boasts a wide network of alumni of 60,000+ members.
  • Brooklyn Tech offers a choice of 40+ Athletics and 150+ Clubs.
  • The students get to learn from a panel of 313 faculty members.
  • 91% of faculty members in Brooklyn Technical High School hold Advanced Degrees.
  • The students get an opportunity to learn with 59,000+ students.
  • The school offers a wide range of Volunteer Opportunities.

Brooklyn Technical High School Location

The school is located in the borough of Brooklyn in New York City and is accessible via all major subway lines and several bus lines. The school’s address is 29 Fort Greene Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217, (between Lafayette Avenue and Fulton Street.) United States.

Fort Greene is a lively neighborhood known for its tree-lined streets, brownstones, and cultural attractions. Also, all important landmarks including the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), the Brooklyn Museum, the Barclays Center, and the Atlantic Terminal Mall are all within easy reach.

Brooklyn Technical High School Academic Information

Brooklyn Tech has a unique academic structure and offers a stimulating environment that fosters educational as well as personal growth.

The school has incorporated a college-style system of majors, in which the students are placed into a major during the second semester of their sophomore year.

The list of 18 Majors is as follows:

1. Aerospace Engineering2. Applied Mathematics
3. Architectural Engineering4. Biological Sciences
5. Chemical Engineering6. Civil Engineering
7. Electrical Engineering8. Environmental Science
9. Finance10. Industrial design
11. Law & Society12. LIU PharmD
13. LIU Advanced Health Professions14. Mechatronics & Robotics
15. Media Communications16. Physics
17. Social Science Research18. Software Engineering

Besides that, there are several AP courses, volunteer programs, and state-of-the-art classrooms and research laboratories to foster holistic learning.

Also, the school operates with several in-house academic societies like the National Society of Black Engineers, the National Honors Society, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and Girls Who Code.

Extra-curricular Activities

In this prestigious school, students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities. The motive is to help them find their affinity groups, earn club credits, and develop participation, interpersonal, and leadership skills.

The school has 200+ clubs focused on a wide variety of student interests, cultures, hobbies, etc. Also, there are various academic organizations including the National Honor Society, Society of Women Engineers, etc.

Brooklyn Tech High School supports athletics as well which is evident from the fact that the school won 9 Public School Athletic League City Championships in the year 2019.

It is important to note that Brooklyn Tech Scholar-Athletes are required to take the same academic course load as students not participating on athletic teams.

Alumni Foundation

Brooklyn Tech has a strong alumni network, with more than 55,000 stakeholders in the school. It has a tactical partnership with the alumni foundation which provides administrative support for mentorships, internships, Career Day, the annual Homecoming event, etc.

Also, the alumni foundation both financially and experientially supports new programs and initiatives, enhanced instructional programs for students, teacher professional development, renovations, and technology upgrades.

Class profile of Brooklyn Technical High School

The present class of Brooklyn Technical High School comprises 1512 students. It consists of 59.5% Asians, 21.3% Whites, 7% Black, and 7.2% Hispanic.

Brooklyn Technical High School Admission process

The only criterion to get admission to Brooklyn Technical High School is the SHSAT. Interested students need to put Brooklyn Tech as their first choice while filling out the forms. Based on ranking and test scores, admission is allotted.

In order to raise your chances, it is suggested the students prepare well and score high on SHSAT. The school is known to have the 6th highest score cut-off. It was 506 for the year 2022.

Getting into Brooklyn Technical High School

Getting into Brooklyn Tech is not easy! It is vital to ace well in your SHSAT. To do so, it is crucial to understand all the core concepts and be thorough with your strategies.

Time management is another important skill that you need to hone. It is ideal to practice as much as possible and work on sample tests in a classroom environment to boost confidence, get better at timings, and boost your overall performance.

The students must learn smart studying tips and know the key strategies to score high in SHSAT and gain admission to their choice of high school.

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