Why Bronx High School of Science?

Founded in 1938, Bronx High School of Science is one of the top-rated high schools in New York and has been ranked as the best STEM high school in America. The school specializes in Maths and Science but focuses on the all-around academic development of the students. The school attracts a diversity of intellectually gifted students every year. These students are supported thoroughly by a strong Alumni Group, a Parent’s Association, and a group of teachers who are skilled in their fields.

The school enjoys a reputation as one of the finest and best high schools in the country. Bronx High School of Science is also home to one of the finest College Preparatory programs. Here are some key facts that make Bronx High School of Science a popular choice among students.

 The school offers a choice of 20 AP Courses, 28 Post AP Courses, and 20 Advanced Courses.

  • Bronx Science is one of the few schools with a 100% Graduation Rate
  • The students get to choose from 43+ PSAL Sports Teams
  • There are 100+ Clubs to choose from
  • The Alumni include 8 Nobel Prize Winners and 10 Pulitzer Prize Winners
  • The school is open to science as well as non-science background students


Bronx High School of Science Academic Information

Students at Bronx High School need to follow a strict and challenging academic structure to make them ready for college and the corporate world. The students need to excel in subjects like English, Global History, U.S. History, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, World Language, and Mathematics.

Apart from academics, the students are also involved in sports and other clubs of their choice. They are actively involved in running the school newspaper, weekly news show, speech and debate team, or the yearbook.

The ones interested keenly in engineering and technology can enroll for higher level courses and join the in-house Bronx Science’s IDEAS Institute.


Admission Process at Bronx High School of Science

In order to better your chances of making it to Bronx High School of Science, you must prepare well and score a relatively high SHSAT. The school has a high cut-off score, which is the only criterion for admission. The students must be in 8th or 9th grade and 10th and 11th graders are not allowed to apply. The approximate cut-off score for admission to Bronx High School of Science is approx 524.


Getting into Bronx High School of Science

The best strategy to get into Bronx High School of Science is by preparing well for your SHSAT. While it is essential to understand the core concepts, you must also be able to concentrate well and be confident. Time management is another important skill that you must practice. It is suggested to seek expert help, take regular practice tests and improve your performance. Understanding key strategies and smart studying tips will help you be more prepared and ace the SHSAT.

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