How to Choose the Right SHSAT Prep Course: Factors to Consider

SHSAT Prep Course

The SHSAT viz. Specialized High School Admissions Test, is the main exam for students aiming to seek admission in any of the eight specialized high schools in NYC, USA. 

The two-hour-long entrance exam conducted by the New York City Department of Education entails two sections-ELA (English Language Arts) and Maths.

The SHSAT is fiercely competitive as the exam curriculum is extensive, seats are limited and the test is attempted by both the 8th and 9th graders residing in NYC. To ace this crucial test and make it to any one of the specialized high schools, you must spare no effort. And, the best way to do it is opting for the right SHSAT prep course.  

A good institution with a great course can help you prepare for the critical aspects of the exam, aptly mentor you, help you overcome your weaknesses, and improve your admission odds. 

So, to choose the right SHSAT prep course and enhance the likelihood of making it to a specialized high school in NYC, here are key factors to consider.

  • Check for the course syllabus

The first step is checking the syllabus entailed in the course and comparing it with the syllabus mentioned on the official website. Ensure that the course covers the entire curriculum prescribed for the SHSAT in an adequate amount of time.

  • Go through the course material

The next step is verifying that the course material covers the prescribed syllabus in clear and crisp language. Each section needs to be covered in depth and adequate questions must be given at the end of each section to ensure optimum revision.

  • Know the faculty

After analyzing the syllabus and course material, assess the faculty based on their credentials and work experience. 

Pro tip: If possible, try to interact with a tutor or a mentor, and gauge if they have the requisite knowledge and the ability to guide you well.

  • Assess the approach followed by the institute

Select an institute that follows a methodical approach and effective strategies to tutor the students. In order to assess their approach, analyze their teaching methodologies , the study material they use, and so on. 

Pro tip: You can ask for a demo class to see if the tutors endorse rote learning or a methodical approach to clear the concepts. Also, analyze if the tutors are teaching smart tactics to solve questions in less time.

  • Ensure that the course entails adequate mock tests

One of the most critical aspects of preparing for the SHSAT is attempting as many mock tests as possible. The mock tests should be consistent with the actual SHSAT in terms of sections, questions, difficulty level, and allotted time.

Pro tip: Ensure that the SHSAT preparation institute offers a clear and detailed solution set, feedback, and personalized doubt-clearing sessions after every mock test.


  • Look for a small batch size and personalized guidance

With the whopping number of SHSAT aspirants, it is important to prepare in a way that you stand out from the rest. And, for doing so, you need to opt for a course in which the batch size is small and you get personalized guidance.  

Both these aspects are important to affirm proper learning, overcome weaknesses and prepare in the best possible way.

  • Go through testimonials and interact with seniors and existing students

Lastly, before locking a course, go through genuine testimonials on various forums to understand ex-students’ experiences. Also, talk to the current students to learn about the critical details that might influence your choice of the prep course.


The bottom line 

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