How Kitab Is the Best Partner in the SHSAT Preparation Journey?

SHSAT prep journey

The Specialized High School Admissions Test abbreviated as the SHSAT is a highly competitive exam administered to eighth and ninth-grade students in New York City who aspire to get into one of the city’s eight specialized high schools.

These sought-after high schools offer focused specializations, top-notch classrooms, and research labs, impactful instructional methods, and ample opportunities to ensure stellar career growth.

Making it to one of these schools is nothing less than prestige, and if you are seriously aiming for it, you need to go the extra mile and stand out from the crowd. For this purpose, you must start your SHSAT prep journey much in advance under the best guidance.

Kitab is a one-stop destination that can help you prepare for all the aspects of the SHSAT including phenomenal mentorship, acing the exam, and making it to one of these prestigious schools.

Kitab is a leading tutoring institute that has helped 85% of its students get selected for Specialized High Schools like Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Tech, and Bronx Science. This glorious achievement was possible as we regard all our students’ dreams just like our own!

So, learn how Kitab can be the best partner in your SHSAT preparation journey.

1. You will be under the wings of world-class tutors and mentors

Kitab is founded by Mr. Ahmad Shahid who graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School and Fordham University with a degree in Mathematics and Economics. For 7+ years he has successfully mentored and tutored students for SHSAT and SAT. The other tutors and mentors on the team, too, are equally competent with extensive experience in relevant fields. So, you can rest assured that you would be in the best hands!

2. You can leverage meticulously crafted study material

Our study material has been crafted by experts well-versed in the SHSAT curriculum and the exam pattern. So, at Kitab, you will get precise study material covering all the topics in depth in a clear and lucid language for both the English and Maths sections.

3. You will get on a one-on-one guidance

We understand that every student is unique with a unique set of strengths, weaknesses, expectations, and requirements. For us, every student is special and we are committed to helping them achieve top-notch education in their dream college. Thereby, we regularly mentor all our students individually to understand their challenges and accelerate them on the path to success.

4. You will be practising a great number of test papers

To help our students ace the actual SHSAT, we ensure they practice enough. Our SHSAT sample test papers are very similar to the actual exam papers helping our students understand the exact test pattern and practice time management. For every test paper, we provide in-depth solutions, and the necessary help to improve their weaker sections.

5. You will learn smart tactics to solve questions faster

At Kitab, we do not endorse rote learning. In fact, we believe in clever and effective learning. We equip our students with all the smart tips and tricks to help them solve questions correctly with minimal effort and lesser time.

6. You will regularly get a detailed feedback

At Kitab, we regularly track the progress of all our students and provide in-depth feedback to help them track their success metrics and make any amendments to their study plans if required.

7. You can avail of personalized tutoring

At Kitab, the classroom size is pretty compact which helps our mentors to focus on every student equally. However, if a student requires personalized coaching, we are up for it!

All these incredible facilities under one roof make Kitab the best partner for a delightful and promising SHSAT preparation journey.

Despite your educational background, current preparation level, or any other challenging aspects, you can seamlessly begin your journey with Kitab and amplify your admission prospects to one of the specialized high schools. Good luck!