How to Improve SHSAT ELA Section Score

How to improve SHSAT ELA section score

The SHSAT, or Specialized High School Admissions Test, is the main exam for students seeking admission to one of the eight specialized high schools in New York City. This intensely competitive exam administered by the New York City Department of Education is a two-hour long test divided into two sections viz. Maths and English Language Arts (ELA). 

The Maths section consists of two parts, algebra and arithmetic and the ELA section comprises two parts, verbal reasoning, and reading comprehension. In both these sections, students are required to demonstrate their abilities to gain entry into these highly sought-after schools. 

Having said that, the ELA section of the exam is especially crucial, as it evaluates students’ ability to read and comprehend complex texts, draw appropriate conclusions, and understand grammar as well. This skill set is essential for pursuing higher education in these premiere schools. 

Thereby, in order to boost the SHSAT ELA section score, students will need to develop a strategy in advance based on their current abilities and practice hard till they hone the requisite skills. So, read on for key tips to help you better your score in the SHSAT ELA section.

1. Develop a study plan 

The foremost aspect of preparing for the SHSAT ELA section is having a proper study plan in place. You may start by taking a practice test and identify what areas you need to primarily focus on. Then, create a study plan that includes a consistent review of the study material and a regular practice with special emphasis on the weaker sections. Doing this will help you become comfortable with both the content and format of the exam.

2. Read complex texts regularly

Students are required to read and comprehend a variety of complex texts in the SHSAT ELA section. Therefore, to ace the ELA section, it’s important to read and interpret as many challenging texts as possible. You may begin with anything you like from a range of genres such as mystery, fantasy, science fiction, drama, etc. But, make sure you explore both fiction and nonfiction genres to get a hang of diverse language styles and themes.

3. Practice analyzing tricky passages

The SHSAT ELA section requires students to read as well as analyze complex passages and answer questions about them. To get ready for this tricky section of the exam, practice reading complex passages in both fiction and non-fiction genres and analyzing them. Try to identify key themes, ideas, and arguments in the passage, and understand how they relate to one another. Doing so will make you comfortable and ensure you’re prepared to ace this section.

4. Review test preparation materials

Apart from reading and analyzing complex texts arbitrarily, it’s important to study the available test preparation materials specially designed for the SHSAT ELA section. These test prep materials entail helpful tips and strategies that can give you a better understanding of the types of questions you are likely to face on the actual test. Reviewing study material can also help you identify the areas that need more focus to improve your score.

5. Take practice tests

Last but not least, it’s important to take practice tests regularly to gear up for the SHSAT ELA section. Taking practice tests can help you become familiar with the format and structure of the exam and help you answer questions in the stipulated time. The more you practice, the better you will get!

By following these easy tips and tricks, students can improve their SHSAT ELA section scores. Having said that, preparing for the SHSAT can be quite challenging considering the extensive syllabus for both sections. You can make Kitab your learning partner to better your chances of getting accepted into a specialized high school. Good luck!