Brooklyn Latin School: A Classical Education for the Modern World

Brooklyn Latin School

Why Brooklyn Latin School?

Brooklyn Latin School is one of the nine specialized high schools in NYC (New York City), which was founded in the year 2006 and modeled after the Boston Latin School- the first public high school in America. 

This school is primarily known for its special emphasis on classics and humanities, along with academic excellence, driven students, diverse course offerings, and extracurricular activities. Some of the distinguishing features of the school include a mandatory study of Latin, participation in Declamation, and following a strict dress code.

Here are a couple of interesting facts that the school boasts of:

  • It is the only specialized high school in NYC that has implemented the IB Diploma Programme.
  • Brooklyn Latin is ranked #9 in New York high schools and #79 in national rankings, as per the US News.
  • The IB participation rate at Brooklyn Latin School is 98%, indicating students’ dedication to preparing thoroughly for top graduate schools and becoming successful individuals.
  • The graduation rate is 97% (well above the state median), and the college readiness index is 97.1/100. (weighted average based on AP® or IB participation rate).
  • The rate of economically disadvantaged students is 67%, and minority enrollment is 86.5% which aptly highlights the school’s ethos. 

Brooklyn Latin School Location

The Brooklyn Latin School is located at 223 Graham Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, USA (between Maujer and Scholes Streets). The school is easily accessible by several bus routes, the L train from Union Square, and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. 

The school is situated on the border between Bushwick and Williamsburg, which are among the earliest European settlements in Brooklyn. Williamsburgh’s unique charm entails a combination of sky-scraping brick factory buildings and beautiful tree-lined side streets. On the other hand, Bushwick is a lively neighborhood reflecting New York’s diverse range of cultures.

The school’s neighborhood is safe, welcoming, and vibrant, with several restaurants offering varied cuisines, convenience stores, and supermarkets. 

Brooklyn Latin School Academic Information

In the Brooklyn Latin School (TBLS) nomenclature, each grade level is referred to as a “Class,” and the Roman numeral following the Class represents the number of years that cohort has to go until graduation. Consequently, Class III is 10th grade, while Class IV is 9th grade.

Every year, students take a course in English, Math, Science, History, Latin, and Physical Education. Class IV and III students also take courses in Art and Spanish. When these students enter the IB Program, they pick a two-year elective course to take during their Class II and Class I years.

Key details about Class IV (Grade 9th)

In Grade IV, Students get the opportunity to

  • Explore Ancient Greece and Rome in their Classical History Course
  • Begin with their first year of Latin language study
  • Learn Geometry
  • Develop the art of public speaking through Socratic Seminar and Declamation.

At the end of Grade 9, students complete at least one Regents exam, the Geometry exam, along with the option to appear for the Physics Regents.

Key details about Class III (Grade 10th)

In Grade 10, the classical focus of Grade 9 broadens to a global lens as students study World History, World Literature, and Art History entailing art movements from around the world.

During this year, students complete the majority of their required Regents exams, including Global Studies, English Language Arts, Algebra 2, Chemistry, and the Spanish LOTE for students who accelerated. In the spring semester, students participate in an IB Orientation and can choose courses for the following year.

Extra-curricular Activities

Visual, creative, and performing arts are a crucial part of the culture at TBLS. Students can choose from a range of after-school programs and get chances to present their work before the entire school community. 

For instance, students can join the Drama Club to engage in theater games and practice for the Spring feature performance presented to the school. Also, students can join the Studio Art or Photography Program and participate in a Winter Arts Showcase and a professional Spring gallery opening.

There are many more clubs and activities provided by the school which help foster vital skills in students beyond classroom learning, including the Business Club, Computer Science Club, Medical Club, Student Senate, Yearbook, and a lot more.

Students interested in athletics and sports can leverage exciting options in intramurals and varsity-level sports. The school’s athletic program presently includes badminton, baseball, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, cheerleading, etc. 

Class profile of Brooklyn Latin School

TBLS K-12 enrolment for the year 2021-22 was 844

Of the total enrolment:

  • Female percentage- 46% 
  • Percentage of American Indians or Alaska natives – 2% 
  • Black or African American – 12%  
  • Hispanic or Latino – 11% 
  • Asian or Native Hawaiian / Other Pacific Islander –  53% 
  • Whites – 14%
  • Multiracial – 7%  
  • Students with disabilities – 2%
  • Economically disadvantaged students- 59%. 

Brooklyn Latin School Admission Process

Getting into TBLS isn’t very easy, as the acceptance rate for the school is merely 3.9%.

The only criterion to get admission to Brooklyn Latin School is scoring above the cut-off in the SHSAT (Specialized High School Admissions Test).  In the year 2022, the lowest admitted SHSAT score was 497, while the highest admitted score was 568

Please note: Interested students need to put Brooklyn Latin as their first choice while registering for the SHSAT, as the first choice can’t be changed after the test. 

Getting into Brooklyn Latin School

If you are aiming to make it to Brooklyn Latin, you need to focus on acing the SHSAT. It is important to understand all the core concepts and be thorough with your strategies well in advance. Also, you need to hone your time management skill and boost your confidence by practicing ardently and working on sample tests in a classroom environment. At the same time, it is critical to follow smart studying tips and learn key strategies to score high in the SHSAT and gain admission to your desired school.

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